After School

It has always been my experience here at Little Munchkins that young children offer adults a passage into a world where intuition reigns supreme.  Between the ages of 6 to 10 years, children will have experienced the vast majority of their “biologically prepared learning” in which innate responses to environmental stimuli provoke unforgettable cognitive imprints.  This is called the development of human logic.

By encouraging imagination, providing ample time for outdoor exploration, materials for creativity, and support for learning and fostering meaningful relationships we have learned that children in our After School program will build on the skills required for one to bloom.

To encourage a child will give them the confidence to connect with a sense of purpose and contribute in a positive way to their environment and social society.

We offer a variety of open ended opportunities that excites the mind, body and spirit. The outdoor playground invites your children to explore the natural footed wood paths, and adding towards the expansion of imagination children help increase the animated excitement of our tree house and tire swing. The indoors of our facility is a place to inspire children, introducing them to a comforting place where mysteries are unfolded, friendships flourish, and their importance is realized.  Nestled up above the welcome sign we can always hear laughing as relationships are developed.  Uniquely they embrace both French and English in their everyday vocabulary as both languages are provided here at the center.

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